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ACMI + RMIT Games Prize

A unique opportunity to support the next generation of Australian game developers, championing graduate students to hone their skills and transition into the games industry.

Screenshot of character interacting with a NPC - 'Completely Stretchy and Uncomfortably Sticky' by Daniel Ferguson

2020–21 winner

Daniel Ferguson has been awarded the 2020–21 ACMI + RMIT Games Prize for his work titled Completely Stretchy and Uncomfortably Sticky.

The judging panel were impressed with the unique characters, witty and charming dialogue and impressive world-building. Daniel’s work seamlessly inspires further exploration in a fun, engaging and often hilarious way. Venturing through the world you encounter bizarre life forms, encouraging players to engage further and uncover more.

Daniel will receive a $5,000 cash prize and a coveted 3-month spot at ACMI X to develop his game and prepare it for commercial release.

We would also like to congratulate this year’s runner up, Morgan Meehan-Lam, for her work on the game Doorway OS, designed with fellow student Kiri Wright. The gamified construction of an early internet community was both nostalgic and clever, and the writing was of an incredibly high calibre. Morgan will also receive a three-month residency at ACMI X.

About the wining game

You’ve woken up feeling Completely Stretchy and Uncomfortably Sticky. Explore the vibrant Grombi Isles using your new found floppy abilities such as your stretchy arm, sticky fingers, and more! Talk to the eccentric inhabitants and participate in their playful activities. You may even piece together the story of The Grombi Isles.

About Daniel Ferguson

Daniel Ferguson is a game developer and animator based in Melbourne who likes making eccentric games with a strong focus on characters and movement.

Follow him on Twitter @danfergusonn.

Visit Daniel's page.

2019–20 winner

A screenshot from Spiritwell by David Chen - hero image

David Chen – Spiritwell

The 2019–20 Games Prize winner was David Chen for his game Spiritwell who has gone onto receive Film Victoria’s production funding to continue developing his work. Close runner up Rebecca Dilella was also offered residency in ACMI X to further develop her game CHALKBOARD.

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Amber Gibson, ACMI Stories & Ideas, 2 Sep 2020

About the ACMI + RMIT Games Prize

The 2020-21 ACMI + RMIT Games Prize is awarded through a judging panel consisting of Arieh Offman, Programmer and Curator (Videogames), ACMI; Seb Chan, Chief Experience Officer, ACMI; and Paulina Samy, Co-Founder and Creative Director of DragonBear Studios to a graduating student from the RMIT Bachelor of Design (Games) for a work exploring the artistic potential of the medium.

The First-Place prize includes $5,000 cash award, and both First Place and runners up prize includes a three-month placement at our ACMI X co-working space for creative screen practitioners. In addition, the prize recipient will receive their own dedicated Audience Lab where they can take advantage of valuable audience testing to refine their game prior to its release.

The prize has proven to be a launch pad for previous winners to go on to seek additional funding, industry recognition and the ability to commercialise. ACMI and RMIT are proud to be supporting young talent, ensuring the Victorian games industry continues to thrive within a global market place.

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