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About ACMI Advocates

Through our Admit +1 Access Program, ACMI is partnering with the not-for profit sector to target young people who would have the most to gain from our education opportunities, yet who would otherwise miss out. 

All those who donate over $200 to the Admit +1 Program will become an ACMI Advocate for 12 months. Advocates are offered invitations to a program of exclusive events, openings, tours, special offers and public acknowledgement.

You can donate by cheque - made payable to ACMI - and by sending it to: Andrew Evans; Senior Development Officer; ACMI; Reply Paid 14; FLINDERS LANE VIC 8009.

You can also donate by calling 03 8663 2408 or by making a donation of your choice below. 

Please note: Donations do not constitute signing up to an automatic annual direct debit. As we would love you to become an annual donor, we will be in touch in a year to ask whether you would like to make another donation.

All donations to ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Become an ACMI advocate

ACMI Friend $200

Your $200 donation will ensure one young person can attend a day long intensive film-making workshop or will enable a full class to tour ScreenWorlds, our upcoming Aardman exhibition and participate in a tailored learning activity. Alternatively, it will enable six children to attend a family Lego robotics workshop alongside their parents.

ACMI Benefactor $500

Your help will enable us to rent a bus to bring groups of newly arrived refugee children and their families to attend ACMI for a day of learning activities including either a film or entry to our upcoming Aardman show. Alternatively, it will enable 25 young people to make a 360 degree virtual reality movie.

ACMI Partner $1000

Your $1000 support will enable 50 students to attend a one-day workshop to learn how to produce a stop-motion animation, learning skills they can easily utilise at home.

ACMI Leader $2500

Your donation of $2500 will enable five scholarships for aspirational film-making teenagers to attend a week-long Advanced Movie Making course where they can learn a broad range of skills as they make a short film.

Major Advocates


Your support will cover the cost of over 400 scholarships for young people to attend day-long intensive workshops in games design, development and coding so they can make their own video games.

For further information on joining the ACMI Visionary Circle please call Andrew Evans on (03) 8663 2408 or email


Your generous support will enable over 1000 young people to attend a day-long workshop of an area of their keen interest. Your donation could also allow a large community youth group to undertake a three-month bespoke learning program across movie making genres, making music video clips, short films, Youtube videos and learn critical industry knowledge to build capacity for the next steps in their budding film-making practices.

For further information on joining the ACMI Director Circle please call Andrew Evans on (03) 8663 2408 or email

Thank you!

Great art institutions around the world don’t stand alone. ACMI is a young and important part of this wonderful city’s wealth, but it depends in large part on yours.

Meaningful applications of technology are ACMI’s point of difference. Please help us continue bringing a unique set of skills, excitement and discovery to all young Victorians, regardless of background, so we can inspire and champion our next generations.

It is with optimism that we ask for your financial support, so that we may give you the pleasure of seeing your financial help turn into true wealth.

If you would like to donate an amount not seen here, please call Andrew Evans on 03 8663 2408. 

As ACMI continues to amaze, please help us spread the love!