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About the partnership

As a partner of ACMI, you can create bespoke experiences for your company, your staff and your clients.

An ACMI partnership can help you:

  • Build your brand. ACMI is part of the cultural heartbeat of Melbourne. We curate blockbuster exhibitions and commission contemporary moving image art. We work with producers, directors, artists, industry leaders and opinion makers worldwide. As a partner, you can showcase your brand with ours.
  • Reach new audiences. ACMI was ranked the fourth most visited museum in Australia in 2013. We have a highly engaged membership, subscriber and social media community. We attract a broad audience of first-time patrons and repeat visitors, with over a million people coming through our doors this year. Our community continues to grow, learn and connect with us. As a partner, we can work with you on marketing campaigns that will access our audience in innovative and engaging ways.
  • Entertain in unexpected ways. Whether for clients or staff, ACMI can meet your entertaining needs. You can curate guided exhibition tours after hours, exclusive film screenings or even dinner on the terrace surrounded by ACMI’s unique architecture. As a supporter, you can make ACMI’s spaces your own.
  • Engage your staff. ACMI has many facets to explore, and your staff can enjoy the privilege of complimentary tickets, conferences in unique spaces and more.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Our purpose is to present and champion the art and culture of the moving image through curation, collection and education. We could not do this without corporate support.

We are a leader in arts education and participation. Our connections with global thought leaders and artists allow us to produce talks and forums that are open to the public to learn about, engage with and debate contemporary issues on the moving image landscape.

As a partner, you can help us continue to provide these valuable avenues as well as create new ones.

Our corporate partners



Corporate partnerships