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We currently have two scholarships available for workshops in the January 2019 holiday period. They are for our Make a Movie and Make a Videogame workshops. Scholarships cover the workshop entry fee.

In order to apply, please forward an application to ACMI outling the following:

  • Your name and age
  • Which workshop you wish to attend
  • Your interest and/or experience with either filmmaking or coding / game development
  • Circumstances of disadvantage and reasons for applying for the scholarship. These might include
    • Financial hardship
    • Living in a remote / rural area
    • Support around accessibility
    • Other circumstances or hardships

Please send your application to with the subject line ‘Lorraine Elliott AM Scholarship Application’ by 19 December 2018.

About the Fund

As immediate past President of ACMI’s Board, Lorraine Elliott AM was widely respected as a passionate advocate for engaging children with the learning potential of the moving image.

We continue that work and last year, ACMI’s education programs reached over 70,000 students. The Lorraine Elliott AM Education Fund was set up in 2015. It funds scholarships for young women from disadvantaged backgrounds and remote areas to study week-long filmmaking courses, coding and games design workshops and skills in animation.

Did you know?

There is a large gender imbalance with less women than men working across the filmmaking, games, animation and coding sectors. For example, whilst close to 50% of Australian video games players are women, very few women are making video games. This fund supports young women interested in the collision between technology and creativity, but who would otherwise miss out on specialised learning opportunities.

Philanthropy has been key to great impacts. During 2018, donations to this fund enabled 9 young women to participate in our courses. Feedback from participants was amazing.

To honour Lorraine’s work and memory, and with the support of her family, ACMI is proud to continue the Lorraine Elliott AM Education Fund. We welcome you to consider furthering her work igniting creativity and fostering learning. 

To support the Fund, please scroll down. Thank you for your donation.

Support the Fund. Become an ACMI Advocate

If you donate over $200 to support the Lorraine Elliott AM Fund, you will become an 'ACMI Advocate' and join one of our giving circles (which are named below).  

ACMI Advocates are a dedicated group of moving image aficionados that are offered invitations to exclusive events and special behind the scenes experiences. Donors contributing $500 and over will also be publicly acknowledged within Australia’s most future-focused museum.

Join the Friends Circle $200

Join the Benefactors Circle $500

Join the Partners Circle $1,000

Join the Leaders Circle $2,500

Join the Champions Circle $5,000

Major Advocates

Join the Visionaries Circle $10,000

Join the Directors Circle $25,000

In addition to donating online, you can also donate by:

Phone: Maggie Tekell, Philanthropy Manager, (03) 8663 2408


Cheque: Made payable to ACMI

Mail: Printing the form below

Post to:

Maggie Tekell
ACMI – Development Department
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Or by making a donation below. 

Thank You

We warmly thank you. Great art institutions around the world don’t stand alone. ACMI is a young and important part of this wonderful city’s wealth, but its impact depends in large part on your generosity. 

It is with optimism that we ask for your financial support, so that we may give you the pleasure of seeing your financial help turn into true community wealth.

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