Design commission: Constellation data display

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Call for expressions of interest

We’re thrilled to be calling for proposals from creative practitioners for a non-interactive, generative and/or responsive data commission for display within our new free permanent exhibition which opens in May 2020.

As you’ve probably read, we're undergoing a major $40 million renewal project, and will reopen in mid-2020 as a transformed museum at the forefront of moving image exhibition, preservation, collecting and commissioning. As part of this, we are commissioning a series of contemporary art and design works that reflect our commitment to experimentation, innovation and creativity and our interest in new forms and media.

The new exhibition will feature the Constellation: a social, interactive experience, that allows visitors to explore unexpected connections between films, TV episodes, videogames and artworks.

Visitors will interact with the Constellation on interactive tables and relax on nearby seating (see illustrative render below). To the east of the Constellation is a large semicircular wall which is the canvas for the design commission. This is a 7680px x 1080px canvas of four HD projectors.

A circular space containing interactive tables, seating, wrapped by a data set driven projection

A circular space containing seating and interactive tables, wrapped by a dataset-driven projection

The commission will be driven by a dataset drawn from the Constellation’s interactive tables. The basic structure of this data is descriptive characteristics of media (films, TV episodes, videogames and artworks) that will change on a regular basis as exhibitions, screenings and other activities at ACMI introduce new items into the dataset.

This commission is not suitable for entirely pre-rendered linear work.


The commission should be:

  • visually engaging and impactful
  • consistent with the design language of its immediate surroundings and the Constellation interactive experience (provided on request)
  • tell a legible story or series of stories through the data provided
  • explore two or more facets of the data provided
  • use data from all modalities (film, tv, videogames, artworks) contained in the provided dataset
  • be generative and responsive to changes in the data
  • access/download data through ACMI’s XOS on a daily basis (REST API, JSON blob)
  • augment the data provided with other datasets as long as this data is publicly accessible without incurring significant additional license fees
  • use the four provided HD projectors and canvas of 7680px x 1080px (minus blending regions)
  • use the provided semicircular projection surface without alterations
  • render any text in accordance with ACMI’s brand guidelines and approved typography
  • not require user interaction to operate.

The commission may:

  • require additional compute power
  • use additional data sources as provided by the practitioner and agreed by ACMI
  • cache data
  • prerender output on a daily basis if required
  • tell a provocative set of stories.

How to apply

Applications should include:

  • a one-page outline of the proposed work
  • biographies of key creative practitioners (up to five pages)
  • biographies of key collaborators (up to five pages)
  • an indicative budget (up to a maximum of AU$30,000 exclusive of projectors)
  • a one-page production schedule
  • documentation of previous work (up to 10 images or five minutes of content).

Key dates

  • 12 August 2019 – EOI released
  • 1 September 2019 – EOI closes
  • 10 September 2019 – Successful commission announced
  • 30 November 2019 – Deliver a working prototype using live data

Applications should be sent to by Sunday 1 September 2019.

Seb Chan Chief Experience Officer