A Long Goodbye (2021) Dana McKay
A Long Goodbye (2020) Dana McKay

ACMI and Melbourne International Games Week present

A Long Goodbye

Dana McKay | Australia | | Unclassified (15+)

A short narrative game centered around two old friends who have to say their final goodbye over a phone conversation.

A Long Goodbye employs a realistic conversation structure, with each reply moving the conversation down a new winding path. Play through multiple times to explore new topics and learn more about the characters, their shared history, estrangement and the things left unsaid.

A Long Goodbye was the winner of the 'Excellence in Narrative' category in the 2021 Freeplay Awards.

About Dana McKay

Dana McKay is a writer, game designer and artist who likes to write stories about characters and their connections to one another. As always, she is working on a mix of different projects.

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Unclassified (15+)

Coarse Language and Mature Themes

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Keep up to date with Dana McKay's games via her Itch.io page.

How to play

You can play using just a mouse.
Left click: Select dialogue replies, select interactions
Right click: Move camera

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