Anywhere Out of The World (2000)

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Anywhere Out of the World (2000) is part of No Ghost Just a Shell (1999-2003), a project born in collaboration with the artist Pierre Huyghe that explores the relationship between forms of producing, distributing and perceiving artworks. In 1999 Parreno and Huyghe bought the rights to a Japanese manga character they named “Annlee”. They lifted all copyrights from the character, asking other artists and designers to create various artworks with Annlee as a protagonist. Parreno’s film is the first episode in this series of projects, and is characterized by a unique sequence in which Annlee presents herself as a girl without a past, and declares her existence as a product free of any copyright or market restrictions. Annlee’s voice was created digitally by the artist. Her presence has an ambiguous quality: she is a melancholy character, devoid of quality, deigned to remain a simulated reality. In addition to dealing with themes of copyright and authorship, the artwork reflects on the ways and circumstances that lead to the definition of an identity in the contemporary era.


Colour, sound