Credits (1999)

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Credits is a collective memory, a shared image the represents the memories of a housing project that no longer exists. Based on testimonials from former residents, administrators, and politicians, the film reconstructs a memory of the urban wasteland of Parreno’s childhood. The film is made of hazy recollections. Multi-coloured plastic bags hanging from bare tree branches are an evocation of the time when kids would hang plastic bags on the trees that, planted as part of a greening plan, prevented them from playing football. The bags blow in the wind and glow under the light of passing time – rain, twilight, then night. Streetlights and apartment blocks peek through the trees. A glimpse of suburbia. Within a fixed frame, the light wavers and electric guitar riffs come and go, played by Angus Young, the guitarist from AC/DC, an idol of Parreno’s in the late 1970s.


Colour, sound