El Sueño de una Cosa (2001)

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El sueño de una cosa means ‘the dream of a thing’. It lasts only a minute. The film was first shown as a commercial in pre-feature advertising in movie theatres throughout Sweden. It was filmed in Svalbard, a small Norwegian island above the Arctic Circle, an idyllic grove untouched by humans. The images are accompanied by Désert, music by Edgard Varèse. In the final scene, which acts as a packshot, the spectacular erupts from the natural as flowers spew forth from the ground, blossoming at an accelerated speed right before our eyes. The narrative structure is similar to a commercial, but this commercial sells nothing. The film encourages the spectator to imagine his/her own object of desire. Like a recurring dream, the viewing experience changes each time it reappears.


Colour, stereo sound