InvisibleBoy (2010)

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Two sketches of rabbits on a photo

InvisibleBoy portrays the life of a Chinese immigrant child who lives in Chinatown in New York. The narrow streets and spaces along which the hectic activities of the local community unfold are populated with monstrous imaginary figures that embody the protagonist’s fears. Reality and fiction overlap; monsters weave their way slowly into the urban fabric, assuming the aspect of alien life forms.

The figures are generated through scratches on the film, and seem to come to life in the photograms. The song ‘Singular Woman’, by Nicolas Becker and Agoria, accompanies the entire video. With this artwork, Parreno attempts to give an image to people who are generically defined as ‘invisibles’, and who lay outside any legal classification. As the artist says, ‘InvisibleBoy is a contemporary superhero produced by today’s city.’


Colour, sound