La Nuit des Héros (1994)

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La Nuit Des Héros is a comedy, co-written with curator Nicolas Bourriaud. In the opening sequence we hear a voice-over: ‘We must recount the history of art in the same way as we comment on a football game’. The film stars an art historian, Dante, played by famous French impersonator Yves Lecoq. Dante lives in seclusion in an abandoned part of a Le Corbusier building in the suburbs of Saint-Etienne. He has removed himself from society to write the history of modern art, and amuses himself by making important figures from modernism, from Cézanne to Yves Klein, speak with the voices of French celebrities such as Jean-Paul Belmondo or Françoise Sagan. In one sequence, in the voice of Pope John Paul II, he tells his ‘disciples’, some old women who live in the same building, to pray that images will no longer torment them. While Dante rants about modern art, his neighbour, who he thinks is an angel, films random people, asking them, ‘Do you believe in images?’ One stranger replies: ‘We are so alone without images’.