Once Upon A Time…in a City Bild (1990)

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with Pierre Joseph


Once Upon a Time…In City Bild is a science-fictional tale of a futuristic society. A woman wearing a crown of aluminium foil encrusted with Smarties recounts a tale of a nomadic woman who comes upon a settled community and is introduced to Galak, a white chocolate bar. She learns that when you eat the chocolate you discover a special feeling called ‘love’. She comes from a place called City Bild, a continuously moving utopian city in constant upheaval and mutation whose energy source is decomposing algae. The people of City Bild are not attached to the land nor are they attached to each other in any way. Once Upon a Time…In City Bild was first exhibited as part of an installation at Esther Schipper Gallery in Cologne. The exhibition was an extension of American artist Peter Fend’s project, City Bild.


Colour, sound