Vicinato (1995)

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with Carsten Höller and Rirkrit Tiravanija


Invited to participate in a group exhibition at the Guenzani studio in Milan, Parreno, Höller and Tiravanija decided to share an image instead of a space. In reference to their collaboration and the proximity of their thoughts, they called the film Vicinato, which means neighbourhood in Italian. They wrote a dialogue, which was translated into Italian. This script was then randomly and equally distributed between three Italian actors, who knew each other because they had previously worked together on the dubbing of Power Rangers. The film begins with a shot of a table on a rooftop with a view over the modern city of Milan. Voices are audible off screen. One by one, the camera reveals the men who are speaking. Three men in suits, intensely engaged in a conversation, sit around the table. They talk about love, art, language. The camera spins around in circles as they talk. Shot in a cinematic style evocative of Italian neorealist films of the 1940s and 1950s, the work is an attempt to create a dialogue in the form of a film.


Black and white, sound