Vidéo Ozone (1989)

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with Bernard Joisten, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Pierre Joseph


Video Ozone is composed of found footage in Super 8 and 16mm film, intersected with freeze-frame transitions, video effects and 3D graphics, all relating to perceptions of nature and the environment. The film comprises animated sequences, the filmed exploits of monoskier Bruno Gouvy and free-climber Patrick Edlinger, nature shots, extracts from manga cartoons, and home videos. all shown in succession to the soundtrack Coma II (A.M./O.K. by Mark Moore and Philip Glass (“S’Express”). The film was created during a period of increasing awareness about the greenhouse effect and holes within the ozone layer; and the images are remixed in a style reflective of the house music of the era. Originally projected on a huge inflatable television, the artists are happy for Video Ozone to be shown anywhere – in an exhibition space, a city street, or a park.


Colour, sound