Recorded talks: Preserving the Artefacts of the Future
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Tue 01 May 2018

Recorded Talks: Preserving the Artefacts of the Future

Preservation Talk Video

How can museums preserve digital objects?

How does a museum collect WeChat? Or show a laptop that was destroyed by security agencies because it held government secrets leaked by whistleblowers?

How could a museum collect computer viruses, or use source code to reveal decisions made by designers when a product was being made?

Digital design, game design and media design are all important aspects of contemporary design, yet institutions have struggled to effectively exhibit and collect, let alone 'preserve' them for future generations.

Seb Chan, ACMI’s Chief Experience Officer and Natalie D Kane, Curator of Digital Design at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London discuss the current institutional approaches, including the V&A's rapid response collecting initiatives and ACMI's digital preservation