Publicity still from 'Family Portrait' (2020) 72 Seconds
Publicity still from 'Family Portrait' (2020) 72 Seconds
Family Portrait (2020) 72 Seconds

Presented by ACMI, Film Victoria and Series Mania

Family Portrait

Australian Premiere

Jin Kyung-Hwan | South Korea | 2020 | Unclassified (All Ages)
TV screening

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


14–17 Oct 2021

On demand

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A family navigates the little complexities in their lives in this hilariously fast-paced short-form series from South Korea.

The idiosyncratic, daily lives of a nuclear family charmingly play out in a series of fast-paced comedy sketches. As a family, they tackle first dates, buying a pet, and an online shopping addiction out of control.

Featuring a colour palette and staging that would make Wes Anderson proud, Family Portrait is at once quirky, endearing and visually splendid with rapid-fire dialogue that is hilarious and almost musical in its rhythm.

All 8 episodes (7 mins each) will screen in this program.

Format: Digital
Language: Korean with English subtitles
Source: 72 Seconds
Courtesy: 72 Seconds
Runtime: 60 mins

Event duration

56 mins


Unclassified (All Ages)


Watch all 8 episodes for FREE on Cinema 3.

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