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ACMI announces new three-year $240,000 Mordant Family Moving Image Commission for young Australian artists

2 December 2019

ACMI is proud to announce the launch of the Mordant Family Moving Image Commission for young Australian artists. The new commissioning program is worth $240,000 over three years and will support artists to create moving image works on a subject of contemporary interest.

The new commissioning series builds on the success of the Mordant Family VR Commission, which was awarded to acclaimed Australian artists Dr. Christian Thompson, Joan Ross and Tully Arnot to each produce their debut VR work. Over the next three years ACMI will invest $660,000 into their moving image commissioning programs.   

The recipient of the inaugural $80,000 Mordant Family Moving Image Commission for young artists is Stanislava Pinchuk. The commission, created in partnership with Catriona Mordant AM and Simon Mordant AM, the City of Melbourne, John Allsopp from Web Directions, and ACMI, builds on ACMI’s existing commissioning initiatives and will provide artists under 35 the opportunity to realise an ambitious work which deepens and extends their practice.  

The new commission will resource young artists to undertake research, collaborate with experienced mentors and engage professional technicians or performers. ACMI will provide curatorial and production support to each successful project. The commission supports projects that reference contemporary social, cultural or political issues with energy and originality and is open to artists working across a range of formats including film, video, interactive installation and mixed reality.

A leading visual artist, Stanislava Pinchuk works with data – mapping the changing topographies of war and conflict zones. Beginning in her home country with recording the Ukrainian Civil War, Pinchuk has since made large bodies of work in the Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear exclusion zones and as well as the Calais Jungle, a refugee and migrant encampment in France.

Stanislava Pinchuk - photograph by James Hartley
Stanislava Pinchuk (photograph by James Hartley)

Pinchuk’s proposed work Self-Preservation is an ambitious and timely multi-channel installation examining women’s beauty salons across war and conflict zones around the world. The work will explore the spaces in which women work to maintain daily life and connection in times of great violence, suffering and uncertainty.   

The inaugural commission recipient was selected by a panel of industry experts including Simon Mordant AM, ACMI Director & CEO Katrina Sedgwick, Course Director of Shadow Channel at the Sandberg Institute Juha van't Zelfde, Manager Arts Melbourne (City of Melbourne) Kaye Glamuzina, founder and director of Web Directions John Allsopp, ACMI CXO Seb Chan, and ACMI Senior Curator Fiona Trigg.  

In addition to financial support, Pinchuk will receive expert advice and support from ACMI in the development phase, as well as a work space in ACMI’s vibrant Southbank co-working studio for the screen industries, ACMI X. Pinchuk will premiere her work at the newly redeveloped ACMI in early 2021 and an edition will be accessioned into ACMI’s collection.    

Quote attributable to the Lord Mayor:   
“The City of Melbourne is incredibly excited to support Stanislava Pinchuk as the inaugural recipient of the Mordant Family Moving Image Commission, and look forward to seeing this unique, confronting and enlightening piece.” 
“It’s so important that we continue to support our city’s young and vibrant artistic community to develop new works which challenge, inspire and encourage debate.” 

Quotes attributable to ACMI CEO & Director Katrina Sedgwick:  
“After the wonderful success of the Mordant Family VR Commission series, we’re delighted to launch this three-year moving image commission for young artists, in partnership with Catriona Mordant AM and Simon Mordant AM, the City of Melbourne, and Web Directions.” 

“The Mordant Family Moving Image Commission offers young Australian visual artists the chance to challenge themselves and deepen their practice. Stanislava powerfully persuaded the judging panel that her artwork would provide new ways of interacting with and understanding the nature of conflict.” 

Quotes attributable to Simon Mordant AM:   
“When the commissioning panel met with Stanislava and saw her presentation we were inspired by the thoughts she had about women in places of conflict and telling those important stories.”  

“Catriona and I are delighted to be supporting this new commissioning series at ACMI focused on helping young Australian artists bring critical contemporary stories to an audience.” 

Quote attributable to the artist, Stanislava Pinchuk:   
“To call it an honour, is to almost downplay how overwhelming it is to make this work real. It has been a dream brewing for a long time. I am beyond grateful for the support of ACMI, the Mordant, the City of Melbourne and Web Directions in their trust, and exceptional support of this strange and wild ride." 

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