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Reports & Policies

ACMI Strategy 2023 to 2028

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Our Vision

To build a vibrant, diverse connected society of screen literate and technologically skilled watchers and players, and a thriving ecology of creative makers.

Our Mission

By 2028 ACMI, your museum of screen culture, will be a globally recognised hub that connects people, communities, technology and ideas to shape our futures.

Our Values

  • We place First Nations culture at the centre of Australian culture
  • We continuously champion diversity, inclusivity and cultural safety
  • We are approachable, accessible and reflective of our diverse communities
  • We embrace innovation and learn from experimentation
  • Our work is impactful and legible to our stakeholders and communities
  • We actively collaborate with our industry peers, and work together with generosity,  integrity, transparency and respect to achieve collective goals.

Strategies 2023–28


We are an approachable museum where diverse audiences repeatedly engage with our multiplatform offer.


  • Place audiences at the heart of our decision-making to enable connection and grow a cohort of community advocates.
  • Build meaningful engagement with our communities by removing the barriers for people to participate in a uniquely recognisable, accessible and connected program of screen culture experiences.
  • Adapt and respond creatively to meet changing audience needs, contribute to the Victorian visitor and creative economies and build recognition locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Create new models and methods of audience engagement by building on our existing investment in technology-led innovation and share these with other institutions.


Approachable, inclusive programs and transformative exhibitions focussed on screen culture and the creative technologies that shape our futures, inspire audiences and create national and international cultural exports.


  • Deliver a uniquely recognisable and connected program of screen culture exhibitions and experiences, differentiated from other local and national cultural organisations, with perspectives that are representative of our communities embedded throughout.
  • Create visible breakthrough moments for screen culture practitioners, with unique opportunities and pathways to build a stronger and more diverse Victorian screen culture sector that grows its economic viability, cultural impact and sustainability.
  • Develop screen and technology capabilities within the Victorian education sector by working with students and teachers at scale through syllabus-leading programs and training initiatives.
  • Be an acknowledged global leader for museum practice and innovation across public engagement, technologically enhanced exhibition design, preservation and curatorial.


An engaged network of ethically aligned advocates, active supporters and collaborators across our communities and screen industries who support and inform our work.


  • Be recognised by screen industry stakeholders and their audiences as Australia’s home for screen culture.
  • Strengthen relationships and deepen engagement with culturally, linguistically, racially and ethnically diverse organisations and peak bodies representing First Nations, LGBTQIA+, Deaf and disabled communities.
  • Expand our position as key to local, State and Federal Government’s technology and innovation; education; cultural; tourism policies.
  • Develop transparent institutional relationships that are ethically aligned, strategically managed and mutually beneficial.

Infrastructure, Assets & People

Our infrastructure, assets and people are responsive, resilient, and supported to deliver our mission and minimise our environmental impact.


  • Continue to develop a responsive and culturally competent workforce that supports our program and audiences, and encourage a culture of experimentation to support new ideas and practices.
  • Increase ACMI’s funding base with a focus on growing self-generated revenue streams through new models and methods, leveraging our sector-wide expertise and reputation as an approachable, technologically advanced museum.
  • Develop, maintain and operate a responsive infrastructure designed to support our programs, partnerships and audiences.
  • Evolve people, assets and systems through organisational learning.


ACMI (formerly the Australian Centre for the Moving Image) is Australia's national museum of screen culture. Unique in the Australian museum landscape, ACMI celebrates the wonder and power of the moving image – fostering the next generation of makers, players and watchers. Over recent years ACMI’s purpose has become more relevant than ever with screen culture playing a central role in connecting our society and communities.

Established by the Victorian Government in 2001 and located in the heart of Melbourne in Fed Square, ACMI plays a pivotal role in the city’s standing as a global cultural destination fostering creativity and innovation. As the most successful museum of its kind in the world, ACMI provides a dedicated hub for screen culture, attracting millions of visitors to our museum and touring exhibitions.

ACMI reopened in February 2021 after a two-year, $40 million redevelopment – an architectural, programmatic and technological transformation delivered through the investment and support of the Victorian Government along with corporate and philanthropic partners. Now a multiplatform museum that can be experienced globally via a sophisticated online platform and extensive national and international touring program, ACMI offers a vibrant calendar of exhibitions, screenings, commissions, festivals, and industry and education programs, exploring the stories, technologies and artists that create our shared screen culture.

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About ACMI

ACMI is Australia's national museum of screen culture, located in the heart of Melbourne's Fed Square.

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