Amrita Hepi - Still from Scripture for Smoke Screen Unit (2022)
Scripture for a smoke screen: Episode 1 – dolphin house, 2022, Amrita Hepi
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How I See It: Blak Art and Film

An ACMI touring exhibition of First Nations contemporary art and moving image.

Spanning moving image, installation, documentary, photography and videogames, How I See It amplifies eight artists' and filmmakers’ perspectives on representation, the gaze, colonial archives and knowledge systems.

These eight creators consider how First Peoples have been historically represented on our screens as they also imagine alternate realities and futures. The exhibition showcases works that use diverse materials and ideas to disrupt and reimagine, as well as expand the artists’ practice, supporting experimentation with new technologies and mediums.

Tour slots available 2024 onwards.

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Fast Facts

  • Eight immersive installation works, including five new ACMI commissions
  • 2D & 3D artworks, ready-to-play files
  • Variable size dependent on venue capacity
  • Visual identity, graphics and labels – provided as digital files
  • Marketing kit and approved assets
  • Display, installation and technical specifications for each work

In the press

Steven Rhall - How I See It

Exhibition review: How I See It: Blak Art and Film


"ACMI's exhibition showcasing First Nations creators is provocative, bold and brave."

Monique Grbec, ArtsHub, 20 Dec 2022

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More than Just a Game - Artforum

Sophia Cai on How I See It

"Part of the strength of How I See It lay in its inventive exhibition design, which avoided the tedious stringing of one black-box room after another so typical of film and video exhibitions."

Sophia Cai, ArtForum, March 2023

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Jazz Money on Rodeo Baby!

Rodeos, talking dolphins and video games: meet the new face of Indigenous art

"In works that are both humorous and heartfelt, ACMI’s How I See It sets out to change our perspectives."

Daniel James, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 Dec 2022

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