Ian Potter Moving Image Commission

Apply for the Ian Potter Moving Image Commission 2022

Applications are now open for Australia's most significant commission for moving image art, worth $100,000.

Gabriella Hirst - Darling Darling - in progress

Together with The Ian Potter Cultural Trust, we invite artists to apply for Australia's most significant commission for moving image art. The successful artist receives $100,000 from The Ian Potter Cultural Trust and professional support from our curators including highly specialised curatorial, production and presentation expertise.

The commissioned work will premiere at ACMI in 2022 and will be accessioned to the ACMI Collection, joining past works Gabriella Hirst's Darling Darling, Angelica Mesiti's The Calling and Daniel Crooks' Phantom Ride.

Chaired by ACMI Director and CEO Katrina Sedgwick, the judging panel includes experts drawn from across the Australian arts sector, including creative producer, programmer and the Creative Director of Asia TOPA Stephen Armstrong; award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Santilla Chingaipe; Director of the Samstag Museum of Art Erica Green; NGV Curator, Indigenous Art Hannah Presley and artist Daniel von Sturmer and CEO of The Ian Potter Cultural Trust and The Ian Potter Foundation Craig Connelly.

Commission Partner

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust

Established in 1993 by The Ian Potter Foundation to encourage and support the diversity and excellence of emerging and early career Australian artists.

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Other Ian Potter Moving Image Commissions

Gabriella Hirst - photograph by Micha Otto

Gabriella Hirst: 'Darling Darling'

Gabriella Hirst's proposed work, Darling Darling (working title), parallels the precise and elaborate care taken to preserve colonial paintings of the Australian landscape with the real-world preservation of the Murray Darling Basin.

Phantom Ride - Daniel Crooks - hero image

Daniel Crooks: 'Phantom Ride'

Daniel Crooks’ installation creates a continuous, seamless tracking shot that moves the viewer through a fragmented reality, constructed from a collage of Australian railways.

The Calling - hero image

Angelica Mesiti: 'The Calling'

Angelica Mesiti's work focuses on whistling languages, ancient forms of non-verbal messaging that are still used today to communicate in remote and difficult landscapes.



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