Matthew Griffin

Sydney-based artist Matt Griffin will be presenting his newly commissioned work content in Gallery 5 on 17 Dec 2020.

Matthew Griffin explores the edge of contemporary culture, politics and popular media through a range of mediums, including installation, sculpture, photography, collage, photomontage and recently, social media. 

Since 2015, Griffin has used his Contemporaryary Instagram account to take aim at the absurdity, paranoia and divisiveness of our current political and cultural moment by remixing memes, global politics, pop culture, art world trivia and personal narratives into short acerbic videos and collages. Operating in the online theatre of deep fakes, social media and fake news, he challenges our relationship to the dominant ideas of contemporary culture by turning the lo-fi aesthetic and form of the internet against itself. Through reappropriation and remix, Griffin disrupts the endless stream of social media with playful and humorous provocations that question authenticity, truth and the ethical dilemmas associated with producing contemporary art in an irrational era of endless online content.

Trump playing bowls - Matthew Griffin

Image credit: @contemporaryary

About Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin is an Australian artist. His work has been exhibited in traditional and untraditional platforms in Australia and overseas, including museums and galleries such as the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney; Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne; Hayward Gallery, London; Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington; The Physics Room, Christchurch; and on social media platforms including Instagram and eBay.

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