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Game Builder

Game Builder is an online resource for teachers and students making their very first videogame, and for those who have some experience already. 

Before you start making we want you to remember a couple of things:

  1. There's more to a good game than good code! As with most creative projects, success comes from good ideas and thorough preparation.
  2. Don't be discouraged! The videogames you've played before probably took thousands of hours and millions of dollars to make. Your first (and second, and third...) videogame will be simple. With each game you make, you’ll pick up more skills and improve upon your last.

Recommended for Year levels: 3-10

Learning areas: Technologies, Mathematics, English, Arts, Media Arts

Capabilities: Creative and critical thinking

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Scratch Coder

Perfect for beginners and those wanting to get some experience with Scratch before developing a new game in Level 1

Scratch Coder
Game builder 3

Level 1

Get started with games! Discover game mechanics and storytelling, then build a simple game with 2D graphics and chiptune music.

Game builder: Level 1
Soundscapes game builder

Level 2

If you've got some experience in making videogames, dive deeper into narrative design, coding, graphics and soundscapes.

Game builder: Level 2
Sprites header

Videogame sprites: creating characters and objects

Create your own 2D characters and objects for a platformer game using Piskel.

Videogame sprites: creating characters and objects

Game Builder was made possible through the generous support of Telematics Trust