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Ernest & Celestine: from page to screen

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Ernest & Celestine is about the acceptance and comfort that come from true friendship. Explore the film and the book series that inspired its creation.

The books and the film

Introducing the books

List the English titles of other Ernest and Celestine books. (Hint: You can find many of them on the goodreads website.)

Ernest and Celestine's Picnic is a great introduction to the two friends. You can borrow it from the Open Library:

  • Choose three words to describe the kind of story told in Ernest and Celestine's Picnic.

  • The illustrations have been painted using watercolours. How would you describe the illustration style? (Refer to colours, shapes, characters, backgrounds, setting

Introducing the film

The posters

Look at these very different film posters. The one on the left is for the French-speaking audience familiar with the books and the other for English-speakers.