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What is editing?

Editing is the art of putting film shots and clips together to make a completed film project. However, it’s not just about assembling the footage; an editor also makes all kinds of decisions that affect how the finished product will look, feel, and sound. 

An editor will decide on the length of all the shots, which takes ultimately get used, and much more. They’re also instrumental in choosing how music and sound are used in a film.

An editor’s job is important, and a lot can depend on what an editor does with the footage provided. One editor might edit a film in a completely different way to another editor, and that can affect how the final story is told.

What do I need?

Editing software is a must. Apple's iMovie for Mac works well and is free. Open Shot for Windows is free also. Some other programs used by professional editors include Final Cut Pro which is available on Mac,  Adobe Premiere, available on Mac and Windows and DaVinci Resolve.

You can also find some great tutorials for all these different editing software online and we've listed some here:

Open shot: free and works for Mac, PC and Linux. Open Shot also have tutorials.

iMovie: Vimeo Video School have a series of very helpful and easy to understand video tutorials.

DaVinci Resolve: Blackmagic design have some wonderful videos about DaVinci Resolve. You can start here with basic editing

Final Cut Pro X: Ripple Training have a create series of short how-to videos on YouTube. Here's a playlist of all those videos.

Premier Pro: Here's a twenty minute tutorial on Premier Pro that works through the basics through to some more advanced skills. Watch it here.

Once you can access some editing software, you can get stuck into one of the lessons below:


5.1 Editing for the beginner

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5.2 Editing for the advanced

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5.3 Editing extension

More info

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