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Sound recording

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Recording great sound

So you’ve got your script, shot list, and storyboard ready. You know what your film is going to look like. Your camera is ready to start filming. But what about sound?

Capturing audio on set is important and once you start filming you might find things get in the way of capturing your characters’ dialogue and other sounds clearly.

And, just like the quality of your film footage might differ depending on the camera you're using, so too will your audio.

Check out the types of microphone page to identify what microphones you have at your disposal.

Types of microphones

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Before you tackle any tasks, read the below points regarding audio issues you might encounter. If any of these are still issues you face, we suggest exploring the beginner module before moving onto the advanced section.

Problems you might encounter include:

  • Shooting outdoors results in wind ruining your audio

  • The proximity of your actors to your microphone poses a problem; too far away from your microphone and you may not pick up what they’re saying, too close and your audio might clip, resulting in distorted audio.

  • Your microphone picks up unwanted sounds that drown out the sounds you do want. For instance, filming in a busy area might mean you can’t hear your actors' lines

  • Background noise and other audio levels changes dramatically between clips that make up a sequence or scene, a problem you might not discover until you get round to editing your film


3.1 Sound recording for the beginner

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3.2 Sound recording for the advanced

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