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The Magic of Aardman education resource

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In 2018, we celebrated the arrival of Wallace & Gromit and Friends: The Magic of Aardman at ACMI by creating this animation resource.

This resource can be used by teachers, students, families, or individuals to learn about the history of animation and the phenomenon of the moving-image, and to develop animation skills.

Create optical toys like the zoetrope, learn the ropes of stop motion animation, master the art of claymation characters, and more.

But first, why not learn a bit about stop-motion animation from one of Aardman's animators? Watch the Q&A with Merlin Crossingham above before getting started. When you're ready, start on the learning modules below.

Lessons and activities

Types of animation

More info

History of animation

More info

Make your own thaumatrope

More info

Make a zoetrope

More info

From sketch to clay: making your own claymation character

More info

Create a cracking contraption

More info

How to create a stop motion animation

More info


You can also download this online resource as .pdf document; see 'Wallace & Gromit and Friends educational animation kit' below. All the worksheets and resources mentioned in the document are listed below also. Be sure to download all these items if you want to get the most out of this resource.

Happy animating!

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