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Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing Education Resource

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About The Lost Thing

The resource is designed to give upper primary and secondary students an insight into the art of Shaun Tan through a focus on both the book and the film of The Lost Thing.

Depending on the age of the students, the activities can be adapted, extended or simplified to suit curriculum requirements in English, The Arts, Technologies and even VCE Media.

The content focuses on aspects of storytelling, including themes, techniques, forms and language, visual, written and aural.

This resource was originally developed to complement Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing: From book to film, an exhibition curated by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image to explore the artistry of Shaun Tan’s original picture book and the collaborative process of turning the book into an animated film. The exhibition, which is now touring nationally, includes concept drawings, storyboards, creature design and interviews with Shaun Tan and the creative team who worked with him on the film.

You can find out more and access further ideas and videos here

Students can browse the pages to complete the activities or download the comprehensive PDF resource (below).

About Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan is a Melbourne-based freelance artist, author and illustrator whose award winning books re-imagine the world in unexpected ways. Tan creates stories that encourage readers to ask questions rather than reach conclusions. As well as writing the screenplay for The Lost Thing and working as co-director, Tan was intimately involved in all aspects of the animation production process.

Education resources

Education modules

Introducing the book

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Introducing the film

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Exploring character: the boy

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The art and the adaptation

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Setting the scene: the city

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Symbols: The Federal Department of Odds and Ends

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Theme: utopia

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