An AI image generated in Mid Journey.
The image is a futuristic street scene. Bright pinks, blues and neon . People stand in groups, socialising and walking. Overhead, the sky is filled with floating, marine like vessels and creatures.
Image created by Leon Furze using Midjourney

Demystifying artificial intelligence: unlocking AI’s potential for teachers

ACMI Education presents an online professional learning series.

Over four sessions, AI education expert and author Leon Furze delves into AI's role in shaping contemporary education.

The series introduces and applies ideas relating to:

  • enhancing your educational practice with the innovative AI tool ChatGPT
  • navigating the complexities of media literacy in terms of fake news and deceptive images
  • envisioning the future of AI in creative domains, from art and film to video games

1: What is AI & how will it impact my school?

Join Leon Furze as he navigates the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, examining its origins and significance within education. Learn how AI can support personalised learning, encourage student engagement, and foster the development of future-ready learners. Unearth the potential of AI in your school and understand its capacity to transform teaching and learning experiences.

Key takeaways include: the history and significance of AI in education; the potential for AI to support personalised learning and student engagement and strategies for implementing AI in your school to enhance teaching and learning experiences

2: Using ChatGPT in education

Leon Furze introduces ChatGPT, a groundbreaking AI tool designed for educators. Discover how ChatGPT can facilitate meaningful learning experiences, support lesson planning, and contribute to student assessment. Engage with this cutting-edge technology and uncover the potential for AI to enrich your educational journey.

Key takeaways include: an introduction to ChatGPT and its applications in education; how to integrate ChatGPT into lesson planning and personalisation; and the benefits of adopting AI tools to enrich teaching and learning experiences

3: Exploring media literacy in the age of AI

Explore the intersection of media literacy and artificial intelligence with Leon Furze, as he addresses the challenges of fake news and manipulated images in the digital era. Learn how AI tools can help educators foster critical thinking skills and empower students to responsibly consume and evaluate media content. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to support your students in navigating the ever-changing media landscape. Additionally, delve into the implications of copyright in the arts as it relates to AI-generated content.

Key takeaways include: the role of AI in addressing media literacy challenges, such as fake news and deceptive images; strategies for fostering critical thinking skills and responsible media consumption in students; and an understanding of copyright issues related to AI-generated content in the arts

4: The future of AI in art, film, & videogames

In this session, Leon Furze examines the burgeoning relationship between AI and the arts, discussing its impact on film, video games, and artistic expression. Delve into the ways AI is revolutionising creative industries and explore its potential to inspire new forms of artistic collaboration. Gain insight into the future of AI in the creative sphere and understand the implications for your students as they enter a world shaped by AI-driven innovation.

Key takeaways include: the impact of AI on art, film, and video games; the potential for AI to drive innovation in creative industries; and preparing students for a future influenced by AI and its role in creative domains