Videogame controller - Renee Stamatis Photography

Years 3-6

Controls, codes & videogame mechanics: Talk

Onsite talk

Delve into the origins of videogames and look at what's changed and what's stayed the same

Videogames have been entertaining us for decades now, but how do they work? And in what ways have they evolved, and to what extent have gaming principles stayed the same?

This talk looks at the relationship between code, controllers, and videogame mechanics – basically the things that make videogames 'tick', and how these things result in engaging gameplay.

Follow-up curriculum-focused activities encourage learners to make further discoveries around the past, present and future of videogames.

Important information

Unfortunately at this stage, Term 1 bookings for this talk do not include a visit to The Story of the Moving Image exhibition.


Monday to Friday during school terms

10am-11am + approx 2 hours for exhibition visit


Per student (minimum 50 students)



10am-11am: talk

11:15am- visit The Story of the Moving Image exhibition (Term 2 onwards)

Departure time will depend on how many students are booked, as we have capacity limitations for the exhibition. We will endeavour to have your group wrapped up by 1pm.