Primary school students green screen 2160 x 1023

Years 3-4

Let's Get Animated: Talk

Onsite talk + exhibition visit

Perfect for: inspiration before your class begins a creative project

The evolution and ingenuity of animation takes centre stage in our tour of outstanding student works. Students explore the science behind how animation works alongside the wonderful opportunities animation offers for expression, visual engagement, and storytelling.

This lessons focuses on:

  • student made animations
  • history of animation and various animation techniques
  • demystifying the animation process to inspire students in their own creations

This talk takes place onsite at ACMI, and includes a visit to our new exhibition The Story of the Moving Image.

To book the virtual lesson version of this program, head here.


Monday to Thursday during school terms



Per student (minimum 30 students)



10am-11am: talk

11:15am-12:15pm: exhibition visit


Term 2 bookings - invoice (up to 30 students)
Term 3 & 4 Bookings - invoice (up to 120 students)
Term 3 & 4 Bookings - Credit Card (up to 120 students)