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Meet the makers online

Discover the creative and technical practice of accomplished and talented professionals, and learn from their experience with our Meet the Makers videoconference series. 

You can view recordings of previous sessions here, but nothing beats the real thing; so keep track of upcoming sessions here.

Previous sessions

Friday 14 September, 2018: Designing narratives for video games with Alexander Swords

Alexander Swords dropped by and gave us ACMI Education some insights into the local games industry and what being a video game narrative design takes, and what it actually involves

Friday June 22, 2018: Creating Wonderland with ACMI's Jess Bram

What goes into creating and curating a major exhibition? Curator Jess Bram spoke to ACMI Education about all the hard work that went into Wonderland, the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition that's all about visual effects and the many interpretations of Lewis Carroll's famous novel. 

Friday May 25, 2018: Famous for her roles in TV shows such as Little Lunch, Blue Heelers, and The Librarians, Aussie thespian Heidi Arena graced the ACMI Education studio to chat about her acting career and her newfound love for screenwriting. 

Friday March 23, 2018: Patrick Crawley from BES Animation spoke with ACMI Education about his career in animation and the amazing shows coming out of the Melbourne-based studio for Cartoon Network. As well as animating, Patrick directs animation and creates storyboards for shows like Kitty is Not a Cat and Monster Beach.