Ipad and coding

Foundation - Year 2

Junior coders

Workshop + exhibition visit

Introduce your students to coding and gameplay language through patterns and puzzles. Using software and tactile hardware, they'll create cool coding commands. This workshop is an introduction to coding concepts and is suitable for classes with little experience.

Students will:

- get an introduction to coding, and coding concepts

- use hands-on software and objects

- work in pairs to solve coding problems through gameplay

Learning areas and capabilities

Mathematics, Digital Technologies, Critical and Creative Thinking

Important information

This workshop runs for 105 minutes and includes a group visit to the ACMI exhibition at either 11:00 am (afternoon booking) or 12:00 pm (morning booking).

Available from July 14, 2021


Wednesdays & Thursdays during school term

9:45am-1pm, or 11am-2:30pm


Per class



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