DOOM Q&A with Marty Stratton

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Marty Stratton on DOOM

Marty Stratton has been a passionate and driven game developer for more than 20 years. In his current role as Executive Producer and director at id Software, Marty is responsible for guiding the development and direction of the latest DOOM video game. Having joined id in 2000, Marty has been an integral part of the studio’s development and leadership teams throughout the creation of Team Arena, DOOM 3, QUAKE LIVE, and RAGE.

In this exclusive panel interview, Stratton examines the history and legacy of DOOM, and the impact and influence it has had on the first-person shooter genre. He reflects on how the introduction of new mechanics such as fantastically gory melee moves dubbed ‘glory kills’ have helped to keep the franchise fresh and relevant. He also reflects on the importance of level design in presenting players with challenging yet fair difficulty curve, and the how the lessons learned in the previous games have influenced and shaped the current iteration.