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Flowers (Channel 4)
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Tue 15 Oct 2019

ACMI Recommends: Flowers

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Simon Loffler

Simon Loffler

Creative Technologist, ACMI

Take a stroll through 'Flowers', Channel 4’s dark comedy series about a family of lovable and dysfunctional weirdos struggling to hold themselves together.

Suicide, adultery, depression, loss and loneliness may not sound like ideal themes for weeknight viewing, but Flowers – written by Will Sharpe and starring Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt – does such an amazing job of giving each of those dark topics a light touch that it leaves you with an odd feeling of warmth and hope. 

Although its themes may trigger a few tears, Shun’s delightful resilience will certainly help get you through.

Spoken word and a fitting score accompany tight acting and editing, with writing that often surprises with unexpected twists.

If you liked Fleabag and have a little nostalgia for The Mighty Boosh, then this show is for you. Best watched with dark chocolate, a box of tissues and a loved-one to hold close. 

Currently streaming on Netflix

– Simon Loffler, Creative Technologist

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