The Lego Movie (2014)
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Sat 14 Feb 2015

The Art of VFX: Animal Logic

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Everything is awesome at Animal Logic

Behind the animation of a myriad of Lego minifigures, vehicles and environments in the lovable feature The Lego Movie is Animal Logic. Julien Leveugle, Compositing Supervisor on The Lego Movie breaks down the pipeline of production and some of the unique tools they used. Everything is brick; 3,863,484 unique LEGO bricks to be precise, though some are reused and reconfigured in multiple scenes to make up different characters, sets and props. A total of 15,080,330 bricks would be needed if one were to recreate the entire film with LEGO bricks by hand.

The photo-real, non-traditional computer animation style and hand-made, stop motion feel blurred the lines "When the first trailers came out and people started to question whether it was CG or stop motion, there were high-fives all-round".

Julien Leveugle

Australia’s most prominent visual effects house Animal Logic have produced visual effects and animation for other feature films such as The Great Gatsby, The Matrix and Australia