Elaine Crombie - Kiki and Kitty Courtesy Jetty Distribution Pty Ltd
Kiki and Kitty, Courtesy Jetty Distribution Pty Ltd
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Wed 05 Apr 2023

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Elaine Crombie

Performing artist, director, creative producer and songwriter/writer

Elaine (Laney) Crombie writes a letter to herself.

Dear Laney,

Let’s talk about Kiki and Kitty and being a part of that work because out of all the screen work, theatre work etc that you have done. That’s the only piece where you showed your naked arse to the world and straddled a co-star and laid on top of another whilst violently kissing them. HA!!!

In showing my arse, my mind was kinda quiet when it came to shooting and I just had to get on with it. Just do it and it’s done. I mean, it’s forever on film now, for anyone and everyone to see. My bum, my folds of skin that hug my back, my shape. My shape is burn into film forever.

Upon reflection, it’s kinda awesome that that’s there forever. It’s for people to see and be inspired by, be sickened by, be confronted by, turned on, turned away.

Whatever… I did it.
Nakkiah (writer/creator of Kiki & Kitty) did it. We did it. We took deep breaths and said, yeah, fuck it, here ya go, HAVE AT IT!!!!! Hahahahaha

I’d do it again. I’d do it ten times over, a thousand times over. It’s me. It’s my body. It’s everyone’s body. It’s everyone’s shame, strength, love, lust, figure, feminine. It’s everything.

Even having that same sized body lay on top of a man and kiss him up real deadly, I mean it was comedic but it was still me repping the big girls kissing up, finding love on screen, even if I was an anthropomorphised vagina. What people saw were two Blak women, big girls, different shaped girls, their bums, their figures, finding love, kissing men, on screen. It’s on screen forever. That’s pretty fucking cool.

Along with all the fore mentioned epicness the other outstanding thing is that I’m raising two gorgeous, soft, kind hearted, respectful Blak men. Black men who know they’re Blak. Blak men who know how they present every day in this society.

I’m raising a 15 year old, who is 6”6 and who understands his view point - literally, physically, metaphorically and can unpack and dissect his interactions with others and what his impact is on them, what their attitude and interaction is with him.

Why the fuck on earth does he need to do this?
Why is this his reality?
Why it gotta be Blak?
I don’t have the answer for that, I just know that’s how it is and that’s fucked.

I’m about to turn left and finish with this:
We have been shown time and time again that our Blak bodies, our Blak sons and our Blak women are disposable, not worthy, can be talked about and discussed on a mainstream media platform and online by non-Blak people.

This is the information being fed on a daily basis-will it ever change? HA!

That’s like quoting that blood from a stone phrase.
It’s a LOL, slow blink moment.
It’s like that time I farted in bed.
It’s a Nene Leakes meme/gif (my personal favourite way to interact with everybody online and in text messages)

Who gives a fuck!
I’ll show my ass again. I’ll show it all. My sons will see it. We’ll talk about it, they’ll cringe but be proud of me coz I paid rent on these stolen lands. No one will care because no one does.

But… I’ll do it all again.
Why…? because in whatever form it is…
We need to be seen!
We need hope!
Take care sis.
I love you!

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