Six queer shorts you can watch free at home tonight
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Wed 25 Oct 2017

Six queer shorts you can watch free at home tonight

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A round up of some of the best queer shorts that have visited our cinemas this year

This year has offered a bounty of stellar queer shorts, so we've done a quick round up of the best that you can watch free at home.

In a Heartbeat

This joyful, wordless CG animation was created as a senior project by two students at the Ringling College of Art + Design in Florida and went unexpectedly viral, reaching 12 million viewers in the first 72 hours after it was posted. The unassuming Kickstarter-funded project features a young boy whose heart leaps out of his chest to chase down the object of his affection, in a playful symbolic nod to the ways we sometimes hide our truth inside to keep it safe. It’s a great one for kids, as evidenced by this adorable Kids React episode. If only kids could vote.

Tits on a Bull

Phoenix Tawhana is a rising star in a Maori women's rugby team who develops affection for team captain, Melanie. Her coach, Rusty, is the old school hard arse with the heart of gold who is flummoxed by a love he doesn't understand.

This gentle short received the Best Short Film Prize at the Maori Film Festival and Best Short Film Script at the Script Writers Awards of New Zealand, and also screened in Melbourne at MQFF this year.

That's My Boy

This sweet doco short explores love and coming of age in the context of transitioning in India. It premiered in this year's MQFF as part of the Our Queer Neighbours: Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance Shorts package.

See the full 24 minute film here.


Danny Devito directs and stars in this total tearjerker about two ageing Jersey ball breakers whose relationship is challenged when they enter aged care. Danny dedicated the film to his co-star and old friend David Margulies who passed away soon after the film was completed, which only adds to the tenderness of the experience. Have tissues handy.

The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and featured at MQFF this year.


This one is probably NSFW, but if your workplace frowns on oiled up clay figures slapping each other’s butts, maybe you need to look for a new job. A playful two minute clayfest about the moulds we fit in and the ones we break.

Flamingo Pride

Flamingo Mardi Gras. That should be enough of a reason.