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Sun 22 Feb 2015

An interview with Adam Elliot

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Adam loves getting his hands dirty in plasticine

Nick Park, the Director of Aardman features said in a documentary that ‘being a director of a stop motion animated film is like being creative with a gun at your head. Everything is pressurised and you have to make snap decisions...Luckily 'Mary & Max' was all in my head. I’d memorised the whole script and these characters were very real to me, so they directed themselves.

Adam Elliot

Adam Elliot is one of Australia's most celebrated animators. When he was studying animation at University he bucked the trend of learning CGI and embraced the old school stop motion as his tools for storytelling. The decision payed off and Adam has created such memorable and award winning animations such as Uncle, Brother, Mary and Max and the Academy Award Winning short Harvie Krumpet