An overhead shot of Kaylene Whiskey painting in her studio - still from Ngura Pukulpa – Happy Place
Still from 'Ngura Pukulpa – Happy Place' (2022)
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Thu 17 Feb 2022

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Yankunytjatjara artist Kaylene Whiskey talks about her latest work and the joys of making art.


I always live in Indulkana, and my mother from Indulkana. Indulkana is my place.

I'm Kaylene Whiskey and I'm making movie at Indulkana Arts.

I like to put on the canvas like I was watching in the movie, and I was thinking, "oh, I should be making canvas, with comic to canvas". I was thinking like that so people can look my canvas and read it.

I'm trying to make movie. We've got lots of women – like seven sisters. All the girls will be coming soon to wear my costumes. The comic got lots of pretty colours too, clothes – Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl.

It's good fun to make movie. When I make canvas I’m sitting down and listening to music. When I was a young girl, I every time listen to Dolly Parton songs. I dance. I love that song: "Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene..." I like my music and movie.

I got two sickness before, long time ago – heart and the blood. And I was thinking I should be working, arts and craft making money. When I get arts money and buying lots of food and the sickness was gone. That's why I'm working very hard so I can eat and get strong.

We're sitting together and we're sharing and we family together. Healthy family can sit well in Ngura! Ngura is Indulkana.

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