Sally M. Nangala Mulda - working on Two Girls from Amoonguna - photo by Bec Capp
Image credit: Bec Capp
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Thu 01 Jun 2023

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Meet artists Sally M Nangala Mulda and Marlene Rubuntja, and find out how they made Two Girls from Amoonguna.


Voiceover: This is Sally M Nangala Mulda, Luritja artist and Marlene Rubuntja Arrernte artist.

Sally is working out of Tangentyere Art Centre and Marlene is working out of Yarrenyty Arltere, Mparntwe/Alice Springs. They are working on their ACMI and Art Bank Commission: Two Girls

Marlene Rubuntja: I love my sewing. I did that one there, that little girls there, with langwa and some witchetty grub to show long time all the old ladies would go looking for good food. She live the old way and do this own painting and all that for herself, for money, for get food, tea, sugar and milk, everything. And blanket and new clothes and all that, like us and there and there, them girls there.

We might see you too there in Melbourne. See you next time. Bye. Good to know you. Bye bye.

Voiceover: Two Girls is now showing at ACMI.

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