Hand reaching out to fern - Tully Arnot, Epiphytes
Hand reaching out to fern - Tully Arnot, Epiphytes
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Mon 07 Nov 2022

Plant-based perspectives: Tully Arnot on Epiphytes

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Learn more about the design of and philosophy behind Tully Arnot's multi-sensory virtual reality work, Epiphytes.


There's an empathy that can grow from understanding that things might not be as we expect them to be.

My name's Tully Arnot. I'm an artist and I've created the work Epiphytes for the ACMI Mordant Family VR Commission.

The work broadly looks to represent a plant-based perspective and adjust the way that we understand our own senses of perception.

The diffuse nature of the visual representation is very deliberately there to take attention away from the visual sense and encourage people to think more with other senses.

When we started working with VR it was interesting to see how powerful the technology is for audio. There's a lot that you can do with audio within a virtual reality environment that's not possible in real life.

Other senses sometimes are stronger at evoking a feeling or a bodily response. With things like scent, the way that we associate memories with scents. You know, scent can really tap into strong memories or feelings of spaces.

I'm really interested in emergent technology and the way that it forms human understanding of the world. With VR becoming much more accessible and cheap it's definitely something that I want to explore further – how we engage with it, how it influences human behaviour.

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