Recorded talks: Changing The Game
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Wed 04 Oct 2017

Catch up on our panel discussion on surviving online discrimination.

Snarky guy in coffee queue eyes off my BioShock Infinite t-shirt; suggests I probably haven't even played it. So I told him the ending.

Rae Johnston

Steph Convery, Clem Ford, Leena van Deventer and Rae Johnston talked survival strategies for being a woman with an opinion on the internet.

Online games and social media have dramatically changed the way we interact, creating communities with common passions and interests that transcend geographical, socio/cultural and political boundaries. However, the online world has a dark underbelly where trolling, racism, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, doxing and misogyny are rife.

In this provocative and proactive panel discussion, we explored the current landscape of social interactions through technology and the ways diverse players are taking the power back.

Warning: Contains strong language and content that some might find upsetting or disturbing.