Deepwood Ash - screenshot
Deepwood Ash (image courtesy Oliver Mathe)

Deepwood Ash

Oliver Mathe | Australia | 2020

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28 Nov – 12 Dec 2020

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Deepwood Ash is a narrative platformer set in the ancient forest of the Deepwood. Play as Nyx, a fox kin that has been tasked with helping the villagers of the Everglen. Wander and explore through the 2D pixel art village, as you search for hidden relics, befriend intriguing creatures and restore the ancient magic back to the Deepwood.

Become part of the ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab by downloading and playing Deepwood Ash and providing feedback via Discord.

Share your experience of playing the game via the Twitter hashtag #acmirmit – comment, upload a video of you playing or share some screen grabs.

About Oliver Mathe

Oliver Mathe is a Melbourne game designer, specialising in System Design, 3D art, C# programming. Oliver is especially passionate about creating 3D fantasy games.

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Content warning

Deepwood Ash contains mature themes



A and D: Move left and right
E or Enter: Interact
Space: Jump and wall jump
Esc: Pause game
Q: Show/hide quests
Left analogue stick: Move left/right
Circle/B: Interact
X/A: Jump and wall jump
Options/Menu: Pause
L2/LT: Show/hide quests

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