Screenshot from The Gallery
The Gallery (image courtesy Yi (Amy) Wu)

The Gallery

Yi (Amy) Wu | Australia | 2020

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28 Nov – 12 Dec 2020

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As a detective, you were called to the famous MYD Gallery after receiving reports of its missing director. The investigation at the MYD Gallery is a special one, as you'll need to enter the 3D worlds contained within the paintings to uncover clues, converse with its residents and figure out their connections with the real gallery. However, as you investigate deeper and deeper, you soon realise something strange is happening ...

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About Yi (Amy) Wu

Yi (Amy) Wu is a game designer and artist based in Melbourne. She specialises in 2D/3D art and is fascinated in not only game art, but also unpredictable and unique narrative storylines.

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WASD: Move
Space: Jump
Left Mouse Button: Click on paintings to enter / Examine objects
A/D: Flip through pages (whilst examining objects)

Players can walk up to a painting and click on it to enter its world. All interact-able paintings should have an outline effect. To exit a 'paintings' world, the player should be able to find an exit door and click on it. They will then be teleported back to the main gallery.

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