Project Reverie - hero image
Project Reverie (image courtesy Taylor, Lucy, Tommy & Therry)

Project Reverie

Taylor, Lucy, Tommy & Therry | Australia | 2020

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


28 Nov – 12 Dec 2020

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Save your family's legacy by defeating the guardians of the Oni Mask.

Become part of the ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab by downloading and playing Project Reverie and providing feedback via Discord.

Share your experience of playing the game via the Twitter hashtag #acmirmit – comment, upload a video of you playing or share some screen grabs.

About the team

Tommy Lu is a 3D artist in Melbourne, Victoria, specialising in creating next generation graphics 3D environments and characters, and passionate about telling a story through the power of video game arts.

Therry is a programmer in Melbourne, Victoria, specialising in designing blueprints within Unreal Engine. She polished all the boss AI of the game.

Lucy is an UI artist in Melbourne, Victoria, specialising in designing UI elements, and created most of the UI you see in the game. She is also interested in QA testing various games.

Taylor is an Aussie game developer in Melbourne, rigging one of the enemy characters as well as gathering SFX for the game. He's apparently making a super secret game right now.

Follow the team via their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Major Research Partner

Content warning

Project Reverie contains mild violence


Tab: View control information
Esc: Option menu
WASD: Move
Left Mouse Button: Attack
Hold Left Mouse Button - Heavy Attack
Hold Shift - Block
Right Mouse Button - Avoid
Hold Right Mouse Button - Sprint
Space - Roll
Middle Mouse Button - Jump
F - Equip / Unequip
1 - Photo Mode
Q - Select Target

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