A-V3N's Weapon Emporium - screenshot - hero image
A-V3N's Weapon Emporium (image courtesy Jack Veselovski & Jack Tunstall)

A-V3N's Weapon Emporium

Jack Veselovski & Jack Tunstall | Australia | 2020

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


28 Nov – 12 Dec 2020

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A VR destruction sandbox set in a foreign junk planet. Create a janitor's nightmare as you wreak havoc down the ranges with things that go and don't go boom. Bring down the targets in front of you using bows, axes, explosives and more. Don't worry if you miss out on the destruction – you can always reset and rebuild.

Become part of the ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab by downloading and playing A-V3N's Weapons Emporium and providing feedback via Discord.

Share your experience of playing the game via the Twitter hashtag #acmirmit – comment, upload a video of you playing or share some screen grabs.

About Jack Veselovski & Jack Tunstall

Jack Veselovski is a Game Developer from Melbourne, Australia who is very passionate about creating immersive worlds and memorable experiences. He is interested in Game Development, VR/AR, Film and TV production, 3D Printing, Traditional Prop Building and Set Construction.

Visit Jack Veselovski's website and reach out to him via Instagram

Jack Tunstall graduated from RMIT Melbourne in Games Design and has worked in both VR and PC games, combined with texturing and modifying 3D avatars for platforms such as VRChat. His prime interests are in Game Balance, VR, Programming and Music.

Visit Jack Tunstall's website and reach out to him via Twitter

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Joystick (UP): Teleport
Grip: Pick Up Items
Trigger: Use Items
Menu Button: UI: Menu Visibility
Use laser pointer to hover over button, then use Trigger to select (Controls for various hardware also shown in-game)

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