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The Curator, Museum of Humankind

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Sat 17 Apr 2021


Test out and get a sneak peek at the debut augmented reality story The Curator from innovative immersive storytellers, Museum of Humankind, in our April lab.

The Curator, Museum of Humankind (MOH)

The Stanley Parable meets Solaris in this AR game. You play as the first living being to connect with a solitary astronaut abandoned for decades in the emptiness of space.

In 1988 a secret mission propelled a young woman into space as a kind of "living time capsule". The project intended to communicate a story of our world to any alien life encountered. However, due to an administrative bungle, the project was forgotten.

Now the spacecraft is calling to you. Apart from some photos, sounds and objects designed to teach extraterrestrials about humanity, the woman on board has had no contact with the world for decades. Will you answer her call?

The Curator is an augmented reality story designed to play on mobile, and for our April lab we invite you to come and playtest it at ACMI. Its makers, MOH founder Rachael Thompson and team, want your feedback to help inform the next phase of development. Try the game out and help shape the future of this distinctive AR experience.

The experience, followed by a short anonymous survey or interview takes between 15 and 25 minutes per player.

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