Gender Tapestry by Jay Rosenbaum
Gender Tapestry by Jay Rosenbaum
Jay Rosenbaum, Gender Tapestry (courtesy of the artist)

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ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab: March 2023



Sat 11 Mar 2023

Test out and get a sneak peek at works from the hottest and newest moving image creatives.

The ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab brings together game developers, filmmakers, moving image artists, tech wizards and individual creators who want your feedback on their projects. From augmented and virtual reality to videogames and video art, each month there is something exciting for you to test out and discover.

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March Labs

Gender Tapestry – Jay Rosenbaum

Where: Gandel Digital Future Lab 1, Level 1

"Through this work I consider that gender perception and experience is much the same as colour perception, that everyone has a slightly different experience of gender because it is informed by our life experiences and our own personal perception of our own gender. I wanted to create something that equated colour with gender, so that instead of receiving a gender classification, people would receive their own unique colour mix. Their images are then added to an image generation AI, a Generative Adversarial Network or GAN, to continually update the results which are then turned into a large colourful community artwork showing everyone’s assigned colours coming together."

Spectres – D A Calf

Where: Swinburne Studio, Level 1

What happens when we listen to a space with which we have a previous experience? Can sounds laying dormant in a site prompt recollections? Spectres investigates monument sites through the memories of their visitors. When monuments are put to work in service of national and cultural narratives they can take on a haunting, continuing presence. When these sites figure in diasporic contexts, such as those from the former Yugoslavia, the memories they elicit expose the slippage of time and memory.

Susurrus – Caleb Noller

Where: Fed Square Foyer, Level 1

Susurrus is a narrative videogame experience where you play as two archaeologists embarking on an unexpected and mysterious find deep beneath the desert sands. Inspired by film, books, 90s multimedia games and walking simulators, Susurrus might be unlike anything you've seen before...

Saved Screen Series – Ciaran Begley

Where: Fed Square Foyer, Level 1

Four different flatscreen televisions have their diffusers removed, and each display the unique inner lightboxes of the televisions. Each of these interventions has its own aesthetic interest, technological capacities and light-based visual effects. Audiences can discover the nature of flatscreen technology as lightboxes covered in shadow plays.

ACMI Aerial Shot - Phoebe Powell

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