Best of the Independent Games Festival 2011 - hero image

Best of the Independent Games Festival 2011

This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


20 Dec – 25 Mar 2012

Dubbed the 'Sundance of the game world', the annual festival encourages innovation in game development and recognises the best work of indie designers from around the world.

ACMI presents 14 international award winners that expand our expectations of what a video game can be, from the instant classic Minecraft,  to the mind-bending challenges of Australia's own Antichamber.  This year's crop also includes the fast and funky sword play of Nidhogg,  and Bohm,  a relaxing game where the aim is to grow your own tree! We've also included some elegant yet addictive games designed specifically for mobile devices.

Plus, each weekday between Tuesday 3 January and Friday 13 January from 3pm to 4pm, you can play the Best of the IGF  games live on the Federation Square big screen, for free!