Growing Pains - BIRRARANGGA Film Festival
Growing Pains - BIRRARANGGA Film Festival
Growing Pains (2019)

Presented by BIRRARANGGA Film Festival

Growing Pains – short films curated by Pauline Clague

2019 | Unclassified (15+)
Virtual cinema

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15–28 Mar 2021

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Guest curated by Pauline Clague, a Yaegl woman from the North Coast of New South Wales. Pauline is a filmmaker and the founder and Artistic Director of the Winda Film Festival.


Directed by S.F. Tusa

During one night, 3 teenagers; James, Royston and Saskia seek to escape their troubled home lives.

Between Two Lines

Directed by Jack Steele

In the trenches of World War I, an Australian man and a German man find common ground.

Ties that Bind

Directed by Michalel Hudson

17-year-old Thomas has to front his domineering mother Marlene who isn’t interested in his side of the story. Forced outside as punishment, Thomas is left with hurt and frustrations but when neighbourly sounds enter his conscious world echoing a connection to the past, Thomas is triggered to make a life changing decision.

Jadai: The Broome Brawler

Directed by Curtis Taylor

A story that takes a fresh look at police brutality and Australian Indigenous incarceration. Like many Aboriginal men, Jadai is wrongfully arrested and mistreated in prison yet he rises above the brutality and prejudice to earn the respect of his town.


Directed by Chantelle Murray

Forgotten soul, Mary, an Aboriginal woman is confined on a cattle station and used by the stockmen for their pleasure. Mary makes an unlikely friend in the new station hand, Victor, an Aboriginal man, whose father is white. As their interest in each other grows, their lives intertwine. 

Doug the Human

Directed by Gary Hamaguchi

A man wakes up on an isolated beach, he doesn't know how he got there. On the beach is a black, female mannequin. The mannequin is an avatar used by an alien to communicate with the man. The alien has kidnapped the human and turned him into a pet.

Event duration

84 mins


Unclassified (15+)

Restricted to persons 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult

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